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Ditch the term "estate planning!" I prefer Survivorship Planning because you are putting all the information and legal things in place so that your SURVIVORS know what theyneed to do when you die. This book is survivor focused so your plan is well thought out down to the last details so that your loved ones can ease through a rough transition when they lose you. The "check the box" legal documents rarely create the results you are seeking. Survivorship Planning starts with defining your life, define what you want to have happen and then create your legal documents to ensure it does - with ease! Creating a solid plan is easier than you think. Your information is clearlyorganized so that you will be able to identify changes that need to be made as life goes on! For over 21 years, I have worked with clients to create detailed plans for their families for when theydie. I have also been settling estates where there are messes left behind for frazzled executors. Death is waymore than a business transaction and should be treated with careful planning to help your survivors easily take care of your estate and honor them with a legacy that shows you cared!

Survivorship Planning - Straight Talk and Winding Tales

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