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Meet Kristi

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For over 21 years, Kristi has been working with clients to create detailed plans for families for when they die.  

Almost 25 years ago, she started to get the "planning insight" when she was working in the financial planning industry.  She had three widows in one year painted a very bleak picture of what happens when a loved one dies and you are not prepared.      

It all started with a planning exercise with her parents and spread to working on plans for other family members and friends.   Before long, Survivorship Now was born.       

Then she added settlement services for families and executors who had inherited messes.   This is where she learned to recognize so many of the problems with estates that could have been avoided with a little insight.  

She has worked with estate attorneys, CPAs and financial advisors to build a knowledge base of how to avoid problems with estates when people die and applied this knowledge to real life situations with her clients.  

Over the years, what started out as the usual dry planning process has evolved into a very human experience that weaves financial, legal and logistics into a plan that impacts families... and she loves it!   

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