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Hi There!  My name is Kristi 

For over 20 years I have been helping clients create comprehensive plans for families when they die and helping executors deal with messy estate settlements.  

I help clients gather their information and put it into a format where they are assured their financial details are in sync with their legal documents and those are in sync with their wishes. (And they learn how to keep their plan up-to-date!)

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Book "Now and then Planning"

Why Estate Plans
Are Like Cars 

A successful car purchase involves researching makes/models, options, features and having a good understanding how you are going to use it.  Planning for the end of life also requires a basic understanding of the mechanics between financial, legal and logistical details.  Both require a basic knowledge and maintenance so that they will perform as needed.

Over the last 20 years cleaning up estates, I have made some observations: 

  • Lives and cars are more complex and sometimes the smallest of details can create a lot of problems. 

  • There is a lack of understanding about the contents of an end-of-life plan and how they work together similar to the electronics in modern cars. 

  • Several legal documents are so old they don't work just like a 1978 AMC Pacer.   

  • People think that once they have "checked the box" on getting their legal work done, they are finished.   Well designed plans and cars work the best when they are maintained. 



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